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Future Focused Initial Teacher Education

Great education systems take training teachers seriously. We need new teachers to enter the workforce well-prepared for their first teaching role and with the skills to learn and adapt their practice to meet future teaching challenges.

We need to redesign how we attract, select, and educate teachers as we prepare for the future of learning. We need to reconceive how we educate and mentor new teachers to equip them with the skills they need, and to make sure we have an education system that enables every learner to achieve their best.

We want to do everything we can to raise learner achievement, and we believe one critical way to do this is to raise ITE standards and so better support an entire generation of new teachers.

The aim is to design a system that not only prepares graduates well, but also makes sure beginning teachers have access to quality mentoring and clear pathways to attain full certification.

Strengthened programmes from 2021

After two years of engagement and consultation we have made decisions about our proposals for future-focused ITE. These mark a first-phase milestone in our long-term work programme to redesign New Zealand’s ITE system. From 2021 ITE programmes will meet strengthened programme approval requirements.

Future programmes will be designed to:

  • make sure individual students demonstrate the Standards of the Teaching Profession (with support) prior to graduation, including setting expectations for te reo Māori and cultural competence
  • lift the quality of professional experience through authentic partnerships between host schools/kura and ECE settings and ITE providers that offer the best possible mix of theory and practice
  • raise selection and entry requirements - including literacy and numeracy
  • support some Māori medium kura to grow their kaiako workforce
  • prepare some teachers to teach across different age ranges (for example early childhood as well as primary school)
  • offer more postgraduate options, especially for students seeking pathways into specialist and leadership roles.

Find more information about our vision for the new ITE system and detailed decisions.

Read a summary of our consultation findings.

We have set up an initial teacher education advisory group (ITEAG) to provide us with advice and guidance on shaping the ITE system and work programme going forward. Read more about the ITEAG here.

Further reading

Read more of the evidence we’ve put together about ITE:

We released a discussion paper in July 2016: Strategic options for developing future orientated Initial Teacher Education

We worked with Professor Roger Moltzen on an advice paper about the evidence for making ITE a postgraduate qualification: Positioning ITE as a postgraduate qualification.

We released a literature review about the features of quality practica arrangements undertaken by the New Zealand Council of Educational Research (NZCER):

Read the summary report setting out the key findings: Summary report: High quality practica and integration of theory and practice in initial teacher education.
If you are interested in learning more, read the full report:  Full report: High quality practica and integration of theory and practice in initial teacher education.