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Save time and apply online to renew your full practising certificate (EC30)

The number of teachers renewing their full practising certificates (EC30) online is growing, as word spreads about how much time and paperwork is saved.

Once submitted the renewal application turnaround time is quick, four days on average, to process a completed application at the Education Council.

Teachers - it’s as easy as gathering your evidence and logging online and completing the form; or if you have started an online application, finish it and as soon as you submit it, advise your school principal that it’s ready to endorse.

Principals (endorsers) - you can speed up the approval time by endorsing applications as soon as they are submitted. This avoids unnecessary delays for teachers. If you have any concerns about an application, consult with the teacher to keep the process on track.
The Proof of Identity (POI) requirements previously checked on paper can now be done online. As a principal, we’re relying on you to assert a teacher’s identity. Many teachers will have already met the POI requirements so it may only apply to some teachers. 

Find out more about EC30; currently primary and secondary teachers are able to use it, and it will be available for early childhood education teachers soon. 


Published 17 September 2018