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Practising Teacher Criteria

The Practising Teacher Criteria are standards for quality teaching that teachers in New Zealand must meet to be issued with and renew a full practising certificate.

Please note: The Practising Teacher Criteria are being replaced with the Standards for the Teaching Profession. We encourage all teachers, schools, kura and centres to begin to use the new Standards for appraisal as soon as possible, ahead of their complete implementation by 1 January 2018. In some cases, for teachers whose practising certificates are up for renewal in the first half of 2018, professional leaders and principals will be endorsing these teachers for certification using the new Standards even though their appraisal was based on the Practising Teacher Criteria. For more information on the Standards and your appraisal, please visit the Standards page.

Practising Teacher Criteria

Teachers play a critical role in enabling the educational achievement of all ākonga/learners.

The Practising Teacher Criteria (Criteria) describe the essential knowledge and capabilities required for quality teaching in New Zealand. They apply to all teachers in their everyday professional practice seeking to be issued with a full practising certificate, or renew full certification.

The Code of Professional Responsibiliy/Ngā Tikanga Matatika commits certificated teachers to the highest standards of professional service in promoting the learning of those they teach. The Practising Teacher Criteria and Code of Professional Responsibility should be used hand in hand.

Read the Practising Teacher Criteria:

Resources to help teachers meet the Criteria

Professional leaders must be assured that teachers meet, with evidence, the Criteria at the time of applying for a practising certificate 

View presentations and activities for professional leaders to help staff implement the Practising Teacher Criteria.

Teachers in specialist roles

The variability of teaching positions that teachers hold means that sometimes meeting the Criteria isn’t always clear. Below is some advice and case studies for teachers and principals to help assess whether specialist roles meet the Criteria

How can the Practising Teacher Criteria be met by teachers in specialist roles in secondary schools?

Knowing and working with the Practising Teacher Criteria (PDF, 126KB)

Early childhood education (ECE) centre owners

Advice for ECE centre owners on getting the appropriate endorsement for the renewal of their practising certificate.

Guidelines and requirements for centre owners and managers renewing their practising certificate (PDF, 76KB)


The resource below has been developed by Core Education and explores links between e-learning and meeting the Criteria. You’ll find examples and suggestions for reflection against each of the Criteria, and a section on using digital tools to gather evidence of meeting the Criteria.

Practising Teacher Criteria and e-learning

Background to Practising Teacher Criteria

In 2006, the Teachers Council began a project to develop new standards for use when teachers are gaining and maintaining full registration. Access information about how the Practising Teacher Criteria were developed.

For the Practising Teacher Criteria to be successfully used in the appraisal of teachers, the skills and knowledge of professional leaders needs to be improved. This has led to the Appraisal of Teachers project which is currently underway.